I think/hope you’re going to like where I  decided to take Audiotainment.  Recently (since June 2016),  I’ve been doing Audiotainment News on Twitter (@audiotainmntnws) and Facebook (@AudiotainmentNews).   These pages are taking off pretty good considering the short amount of time I’ve been doing them.  Due to the reception I have received on them,  I’ve decided to gear the blog the same way!

However,  the blog will have far more information on each audiodrama drop than I am able to fit into 140 characters on Twitter.  I’ll be adding each drop I’m hoping on a daily basis,  each drop/blog post will have the name of the program,  the drop’s  description and tags for the blog and at least Twitter  and/or Facebook handles when available.   As well as information on where to listen/subscribe/download the drop.

I hope you enjoy where this blog takes you,  and I hope that it introduces you to some fantastic, free audiodrama!