Atheist Apocalypse

Dropped November 5th 2016

S03E07: Uprising

A rebel group comes out of hiding after the hair controversy and the MGE goes all anti-intellectual.

Sarah returns!!  But Tyler is still dead (sorry). And we learn we must trust Max … trust Max … trust Max.

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Paul Sating – Executive Director, Writer, Editor
Brian Bristol – Executive Producer, Voice Actor, Editor, Writer
Dan Cocolla – Editor, Writer, Voice Actor (Jake)
Steven Bateman – Writer, Editor, Voice Actor (Edwin)
Heather Auden – Voice Actor (Beatrice)
Jen Crofutt – Voice Actor (Sarah)
Steve Hayes – Voice Actor (Dr. Derrick)
Dave Curry – Voice Actor (Willie)
Sharon Bush – Voice Actor (Angelique)
Maddie Sating – Voice Actor (Nellie)
Keniche Ohme – Music
Simon Croft — Music

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