It’s All Been Done Radio Hour

Dropped November 5th 2016

It’s All Been Done Radio Hour #45 

Universe Journey #11 “March to War Part V: Cliffhanging”  

Why did Kahkay kidnap Tokaladie? Don’t expect a quick answer, though this is the penultimate episode of the miniseries.

A comedy radio show originally performed June 11, 2016 at MadLab theatre in Columbus, OH.    


Nick Arganbright as Captain Kahkay  

Dallas Ray as Commander Buzz

Shane Stefanchik as Lieutenant Command M-  

Katie Boissoneault as Lieutenant Tokaladie  

Nathan Haley as Lieutenant Who

Virgil Von Hartzel as Chief Engineer Foley  

Amanda Iman as Doctor Awshucks

With Keith Jackson as Admiral Jamieson   

Also starring

Samantha Stark as Ambassador Nixon

Dan Condo as Captain Yeez

Ryan Yohe as Janice Jamieson

Joe Morales as Commander Jeez

Katelyn Hamilton as Ambassador Tizz

Narrated by Catherine Rinella, host of Midnight Audio Theatre on WBCE 90.5 and streaming online Friday nights at midnight  

Foley artist Addie Peele   

Music by Nathan Haley and Jerome Wetzel  

Written by Jerome Wetzel

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