Subject: Found

Dropped November 5th 2016

S01E01 & S01E02

My newest audio drama is now live and doing quite well. Don’t miss out!
The wait is finally over! We kick off our inaugural season meeting Jared Strong, an investigator pursuing a monster from his childhood. In this first episode Jared meets friend and zoologist Peter Beckingham, to understand why the Pacific Northwest serves as the legitimate home to this creature. Not all things being obvious, there may be more facing Jared than just finding the evidence he needs to convince people of this monster’s existence.
Be sure to join us in episode 2 as Jared’s investigation leads him to a sighting on Mount Rainier National Park, an immensely impressive, dormant volcano that dominates the landscape of Western Washington.
If you have sightings you would like to report, please email us at and we’ll get it into Jared’s hands.
If you would like to become a Patron of Subject: Found so that we can continue to investigate this season’s lost tapes and bring you even more newly discovered tapes in the future, you now can by going over to Each and every gesture of support is truly appreciated.
Lastly, go to our site to find out how you can subscribe to the show and, while you’re there we would really appreciate 5-star ratings and reviews; those go a long way in helping this show be found.
Until next episode remember, all that is lost must be found.
Jared Strong: John McClain ( and
Peter Beckingham: Michael Kennedy (
Written and edited by: Paul Sating
Produced by: Brian Bristol
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