The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd

​Dropped November 6th 2016
Episode #112: “ Kiss my Grits”

By a weird twist of fate, Dr. Steve and Fidgert stop at the same Last Chance Time And Space Waffle House in the Time and Space Stream as Dr. Floyd and his crew. After being stuck with Dr. Floyd’s bill, Dr. Steve receives an ominous message from the Mystic Seer machine on the table that says of Dr. Floyd, Dr. Grant And C.H.I.P.S., “Very Soon, One Will Die…”

EPISODE #    112
EPISODE TITLE:    Kiss My Grits!
ORIGINAL AIRDATE:    July 5, 2004
WRITTEN BY:    Grant Baciocco & Doug Price
RECORDED AT:    Hood Avenue Studios, Burbank, CA,
Daisy Price Studios, Celebration, FL
Narrator – Himself
Dr. Floyd – Himself
Dr. Grant – Grant Baciocco
C.H.I.P.S. – Himself
Dr. Steve – Himself
Fidgert – Himself

Mystic Seer Voice – Grant Baciocco

Waitress Enid- Suzie Chiasson
Facebook: @drfloydfans
Twitter: @drfloyd
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