Midnight Audio Theatre Ep216 Topnotch Machines

Episode 216 – Topnotch Machines

Episode dropped November 18th 2016

Holiday time is coming up quick!  We’ve already seen Halloween through, now winter is nearly here – the perfect time to curl up with a good audio drama.  We’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving in the U.S. next week, so for this show and next we’ve picked some strange and supernatural tales that also relate to community and relationships.  One of the production groups you’ll recognize in It’s All Been Done Radio Hour, a local radio play troupe we’ve had on MAT several times.  In addition, we’re happy to introduce your ears to the fantastic works of Uncanny County.

If you’ve not heard Uncanny County yet, you’re in for a treat.   This loosely-related anthology set of stories are a slice of Americana with all the weirdness you’d expect from old-time radio plays of mystery and suspense. Co-created and produced by Todd Faulkner and Alison Crane, Uncanny County recently won the award for Best Speculative Fiction Audio Drama (Long Form) at the 2016 Parsec Awards, as well as the award for Best New Speculative Fiction Podcaster/Team. When deciding on the series, Faulkner and Crane drew from both their similar experiences in theatre and growing up in Oklahoma – creating a world with no specific location but easily identifiable.  What also persists in the stories is a focus on relationships – the fears, hopes and concerns
of everyday folks, despite its supernatural setting.

This show we kick things off with Uncanny County their first episode, A Thing For Machines – followed by a homegrown favorite with It’s All Been Done and their latest installment of the Topnotch Tangler. Happy listening!

And speaking of storytelling, those of you who are scriptwriters or audio drama enthusiasts should tune in to next week’s episode – we have a certain announcement regarding a certain competition that happens right around this time of year….

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