Soundings by Jeff Green aired on CBC Mid-’80s

Occasionally I’d like to introduce you to some “older” media. No, not Golden Age old, just pre-podcast old.

This is Soundings, by Jeff Green and these are quite good. But of course they would have to be; they were commissioned by the CBC after all!

Eleven internationally acclaimed science fantasy radio dramas. Full production full cast audio theatre. Tales of the extraordinary expertly told in rich, textured landscapes of sound.

“Jeff Green has a terrific imagination!” Phil Proctor of Firesign Theatre.

“This guy is really good!” Jerry Stearns, the American Society for Science Fiction Audio.

“First-rate!” National Public Radio.

About Soundings

The earliest-produced play in this collection, “Epiphanies”, was created with the assistance of a Canada Council grant in 1980, and was originally intended as the pilot for a series. It was not until 1985 when an association with CHEZ 106 FM in Ottawa led to the creation of the remainder of the plays presented here, the last of which was produced in 1990. Primary production was done using Neuman and AKG microphones through a Studer board to an Ampex 8-track tape deck and mastered to Ampex half-track tape. All plays were first aired on CHEZ. “Xmas Is Coming To The District of Drudge” and “Plague” won Ottawa ACTRA awards for Best Radio Program of the Year in 1988 and ’89 respectively. A set of the plays as broadcast on America’s National Public Radio Network received a silver medal in the drama category at the 1990 New York International Radio Festival. In 1998 the play “Spaxter” received a MARK TIME Award from the American Society for Science Fiction Audio and was inducted into their Hall of Fame alongside such legendary works as “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy” and the Orson Welles production of “The War of the Worlds”. Plays from the series have been heard on Canada’s CBC, Britain’s LBC, and Australia’s ABC networks.

About the Author

Jeff Green has been producing award-winning media for more than two decades. He began his

career in radio, a primary creative component in the startup of three radio stations by the time he was 19. He was co-writer and director of the offbeat children’s series “Cowboy Who?” which aired on the Mid-Canada Network from 1990 to 1995. Also in the 90s he was writer and director on a series of interactive multimedia projects with Animatics Interactive, including the groundbreaking award-winning “Midnight Stranger“.

Jeff also has career experience as a veejay, journalist, editor, web designer, cameraman, multimedia specialist, and programmer for internet radio.

Download Soundings:
(To download, right click and choose save as)
The Spaxter Cycle
Spaxter A tongue-in-cheek futuristic thriller featuring a techno-telepathic private detective named Sam Spaxter who uncovers a bizarre plot by a self-styled Egyptian god to steal the creative essence from all the great minds in the world using a device at the heart of the Great Pyramid. 45 min.

Spaxterback That’s right, Spaxter’s back! Or is he? If you were a super-smart military computer that needed to find out something about what might be an alien invasion of Earth, where would you look to find a fictional personality from Earth culture best suited to help you deal with the situation? Obscure 20th Century radio drama, of course! 45 min.

The Weird Words Trilogy
Plague. The world is assailed by the Plague Unstoppable, a mutating virus which at last becomes airborne and forces the last remnants of humanity into vast domes. Now the virus is mutating again, and soon even the domes will offer no safety.Out of this nightmare myths are born, and the survivors cling to these with desperate hope.
Part narrative future history, part cinematic soundscape. 30 min.

Psychotherapy An unabashed homage to one of the great horror writers of all time, this is farcical terror with chilling effects and a sardonic final twist. You find yourself following psychiatric patient Mark Allen as he decides to undertake a radical new treatment at a remote asylum… or is it? 30 min.

Vigilante. A neglected autistic savante finds he has an unusual power over the things he sees on the evening news, and makes an unnatural connection to the newscaster reporting them. Soon the world is experiencing a powerful, violent, inexplicable force of justice; and in the end, is anybody really “good” enough to survive it? 30 min.

The Other Plays
Flash. When three survivalists take to the northern wilderness to escape what they fear might be imminent global conflagration, they begin to experience distant flashes. Are they nuclear events, or something else? And what are the strange visions that accompany the flashes? 45 min.

Somebody Talking To You. Someone is distributing cassettes free in the mail, marked only with the words: “Somebody Talking To You”. Everybody hears something different, and soon they can’t listen to anything else. Only one man hears what is really being said…. and he doesn’t like it! Can he stop the epidemic? And does anybody want him to? 45 min.

She Dreams of Atlantis. Victoria Doubleday is a successful ad executive who just landed the lucrative Metacorps contract promoting their latest achievement — an array of power satellites in geosynchronous orbit that will solve all mankind’s energy needs. But Victoria has been having dreams of Atlantis, and how that civilization was destroyed by a similar project. 45 min.

XICTTDOD. In “Xmas Is Coming To The District of Drudge” Joe Carpenter works for the Department of Complacency in a dystopian parallel world without colour, emotion or spirit. One day someone introduces him to the mysterious substance known as “Xmas”, and his world is changed forever. Is it a drug? It just looks like a piece of fruitcake, wrapped in tinfoil! 45 min.

The Tuning. A fantasy sound poem on the theme of transcendent technology, in a strange future world where everyone is implanted with devices that allow them to “tune” into a full-immersion, interactive broadcast net, influencing the content to the limits of their assigned “access rating”. 45 min.

A Pilot
Epiphanies. Joshua Bellows, a member of parliament for an Ontario rural riding wanders into a small town to discover it in the grip of a strange force that calls itself the “Auditor” and holds court on a local AM radio station. Somehow the sound from the radio can change reality…. maybe even kill? 60 min.

If you like what you hear/read; shoot Jeff Green an email and let him know you enjoy his work. I’d had a brief email conversation with him a while back. He was/is under the impression that audiodrama is a dying art. I attempted to persuade him differently, but his reasoning was that I was the 1st person in 10 years to contact him about his audiodrama.

Let’s try top to persuade him differently and let him know that audiodrama is not only alive and well, but thriving to boot!

Mr. Green’s email address is: I bet he’d love to hear from you.

P.S. there is more audiodrama available on his site. Use the links above to access his site. 

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