Harry Strange for Christmas!

“Magic and magical people–the ‘unnatural order’ is all around us. There are benevolent witches, malevolent witches, demons, vamps, werewolves, shape shifters, ghosts; it’s a protoplasmic party of creature features out there. But unless you know where to look, you won’t find them. I know where to look. My name is Harry Strange.”

New Listeners
Wow, there are a lot of episodes out there! Where should I start?

That’s a great question. Harry Strange has been hard at work putting episodes together for your aural pleasure and the list can be daunting.

If you just want to jump in with the most recent episode, click here.

Each season has its own arc and stand alone stories. If you’d like to begin at the beginning follow the list below.

The first season starts here: Harry Strange 101: Comes a hero
The second season starts here: Harry Strange 201: Six Months Later
The third season starts here: Harry Strange 301: The Guardians

The Most Recent Episode
The most recent episode is always located here at ProjectiRadio. If you are a new listener and want to know where to begin, please click on the New Listener link in the menu bar of the website.

And now for some fantastic news! After an 8 month hiatus, there will be a brand new Harry Strange episode released Christmas Day!
I don’t know all of the particulars of the episode yet! Here’s is a brief synopsis of the Harry Strange Christmas special “Christmas in the Strangeverse 2016: an Atlanta Christmas” from the creator, Tony Sarrecchia:
“Our Christmas episode is a cross over with the Deacon Chalk novel series and takes place in 2005: six months before episode 101. We are planning to drop on Christmas Day.”






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The 1st season scripts can also be purchased on Amazon! It’s really a great deal too, if you’re a Harry Strange fan (okay, who isn’t?!?!). Click here to purchase Harry Strange in the Stones of Solomon on Amazon in Kindle or paperback form. The purchase of the book helps to offset the cost of producing this fantastic audiodrama, as well as gives you some very snazzy reading material! Purchase several copies for gifts, just don’t forget to keep one for yourself.

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