Earbud Theater presents: Monday for the Sweepers; by Nicholas Thurkettle

Episode dropped December 2nd 2016

Raff and Knaack have a job. They clock in, gripe about their bosses, work their shift, then knock off for a beer. Pretty lucky for them in an economy of haves and have-nots. Their job takes them all sorts of places – today it’s got them wandering around in the woods, looking for something. But thanks to some equipment the bosses haven’t kept functioning properly, what they’re going to find is far more profound and strange than you expect when you’re paid by the hour. Listen in as Barney Crow, Lise Hart, Marisa Costa, and the one and only MacLeod Andrews discover that the arc of a life can be all in a day’s work, in Nicholas Thurkettle’s Monday for the Sweepers.

Cover Artwork by Ashley F. Miller, PhD

Sound Effects Editing and Mixing by Craig Good

Music by Chris Zabriskie (Used under a Creative Commons License)

Some sound effects used via Creative Commons License from the following creators:
Superex1110, digifishmusic,
cmusounddesign, nooly, glencurtisadams, jjhouse4



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