White-Noise S02E04: Sarah’s Trouble

White-Noise: S02E04 Sarah’s Trouble

Episode dropped December 3rd 2016

White-Noise synopsis:

White-noise, is a collaborative podcast about a girl named Sarah Jones. Sarah Jones was a bit of recluse in her small home in Gettysburg Pennsylvania, then on one strange day she discovers that she has died. Now she has to solve her murder and do a few extra deeds before she can pass on. Though she doesn’t do it alone, she is accompanied by a Confederate soldier named Sam Dickerson, and Stella Smith, a ghost from the 80’s. There will be an cameo historical figures and little informative essays as intermission about various topics.

S02E04: Sarah’s Trouble

Sarah jones gets herself into trouble, and doesn’t know is she can escape the results of her mistake to see Walter. Will Sam or Stella find he, or will she be stuck with the consequences? Find out on this episode of White-Noise.


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